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ANTS - although, they don't carry diseases, ants burrow in lots of different areas outside, so are not something you particularly want in your house, they tend to search out food so can be prevalent in food cupboards and they can become a real nuisance and difficult tp eradicate, particularly in homes and offices. Shop bought powder treatment can help, but generally doesn't eradicate the issue and depending on the type of ant can actually make the problem worse. If you notice small soil mounds around the outside of your building you probably have an ant infestation issue and we can help. 

CLUSTER FLIES - Cluster flies tend to hide away in attics in the cold weather and emerge when the temperature warms up, drawn to windows, they cover windows trying to escape, this can be very unpleasant and can become a big issue for homeowners and business owners, who are plagued with the flies and the cleaning up of deceased flies. They generally leave pheromones in the space they inhabited and return year after year. We can help to eradicate this issue and issues with other insect infestations.

We always strive wherever possible to prevent further problems drawing upon our experiences and using the correct methods to prevent further infestations. Wirral Pest Control is a family-run business with years of experience in pest and pest management, you’re in safe hands when you work with us.


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