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Keeping your warehouse and factories free from pest infestations can be challenging and it is a common occurrence for pigeons, gulls and other birds to make themselves at home in a warehouses and the nooks and cranny’s that attract unwanted visitors. With big open doors these unwanted pests provide an easy access and exit point.

At Wirral Pest Control we can remove any birds from your commercial properties and supply and install bird pest management solutions, such as spines and netting that will prevent these unwanted infestations from reoccurring.

It’s important to get in touch with Wirral Pest Control should you notice birds nesting in your warehouse or commercial property. Not only will the presence of such infestations be unsightly but their presence can pose an electrical fire hazard, a health and safety nightmare and damage to your expensive and invaluable machinery and inventory too.

We also offer pest prevention contracts at a reasonable cost, these are tailored to your particular needs, so please get in touch for a free consultation.



To prevent further damage from occurring and ensure the correct remediative measures are employed as quickly as possible, we aim to provide quotes as quickly as possible.

Please do call to discuss your pest management issues including where the infestation is located and any evidence of a potential infestation that you have noticed, to allow one of our team to provide an accurate quote.

Our range of pest control solutions can be used on pests such as birds, wasps, rats and more. No matter where your pests have decided to invade, we’ll always deliver the results you need at an affordable price today.

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